How to choose a natural leather bag and how to care for it

Su.B Collection - 15 / Sep / 2022

How to choose a natural leather bag and how to care for it

Luxury natural leather handbags are the most coveted accessories for ladies of all ages, symbolizing social status, prestige, and refinement. A leather one is the best option if you want a bag that will last for a long time without losing its attractiveness.

How do you know if a bag is natural leather?

Leather bags, as a general rule, must have a brand name stamped on them, which is backed by a manufacturing company with the name, address, phone number, website, etc., which transparently backs the guarantee and can be verified. So we are not talking here about "no name" bags, of unclear or dubious origin, without a logo or associated brand, where the manufacturer cannot be identified but only the reseller.

Usually, with a bag made of natural leather, after a long time, the stitching is the first to give way and not the leather, which can last a lifetime.

A quality designer bag made of natural leather, which lasts a lifetime, in addition to the associated brand, origin and factory transparently declared, must contain on the label:

1. Material: 100% natural leather on the label. For laptop bags, leather with a more resistant structure is needed. Therefore, the most suitable is split leather. This type of leather has some natural puncture resistance and maintains its shape to protect your laptop much better.
Also, split leather has the property of keeping its bright color longer. Because of its dense fibers, split leather is more abrasion and water resistant. If it's raining outside, your laptop bag is not damaged.

2. Accessories: metal, not plastic. Handbag manufacturers usually buy accessories from specialist manufacturers. The closure of a zipper is essential for securing personal belongings, and the tear of the material from which it is made makes it impossible to use the product.

Furthermore, specific models of bags, especially those with a rigid structure, must have metal feet at the bottom to protect the bag when standing upright.

3. Lining: cotton. Any self-respecting bag must have some lining, and cotton is the best quality. You want your most intimate belongings to be kept in the best condition, and you don't want, for example, when you take out your make-up to be soiled by leather debris or flakes of the rotten lining. The synthetic lining looks cheap; objectionable plastic is not a quality factor.

4. The handles and shoulder strap should be made of the same material as the bag, as this is where the most wear and tear is.

5. The edges of the leather bag and handles must have a quality finish, without imperfections, and the stitching must be strong, without any interruptions or faulty knots.

Lastly, a quality bag is delivered in a protective bag for proper storage and to protect the bag from dust, moisture, or accidental scratches.

Tips for caring for a leather bag to keep it perfect for a long time

Natural leather is the most enduring material exploited by humans and is known and appreciated worldwide. A genuine leather bag is no longer a luxury these days. Prices have become more affordable, while the quality of products has increased. In addition, the idea of sustainability is taking hold, and users of leather bags are taking more care of their products.

Correct cleaning of leather bags

The wiping process for smooth leather bags involves wet cleaning and drying the surface. If needed, you can use a moisturizer to create a shiny surface. But the shine should be as natural as possible, so be careful how much cream you use.
Tip: clean with a soft washcloth, not underwater or steam, as you risk damaging the natural skin.


Storage of the leather bags

An essential aspect of the whole process of caring for a genuine leather bag is also the storage of the bags. You'll need a well-ventilated space to allow the natural leather to retain its characteristics. An environment that is too dry will inevitably lead to the leather drying out and subsequently cracking at the surface.

The bag must have an interior backing so you can put bubble wrap or paper in it. This will also help keep it in the right shape. Finally, don't forget to cover the bag with a textile or other textile protector to keep the natural leather free from dust or other impurities.


Avoid radiators

Not only sunlight but also a radiator's heat can damage your bag's leather. If you leave your bag on the surface of a heater for longer, the leather will dry out. Not only will the leather become less supple, but it will also look less pleasant. Therefore, never put your bag next to a radiator, especially for a more extended time.

Is your bag wet, for example, because you've been cycling in the rain? Let it dry naturally. Under no circumstances put your bag on the radiator to speed up the drying process.


Use a protective care product

We recommend treating your leather bags with a protective care product twice a year. The care product you should use to treat your bag depends on the leather your bag is made of.
The label of the leather care product contains all the information on how to use this product. Read the manual carefully, as this is the only way to use the skin care product correctly.



In conclusion, your decision can be based on what you expect from a leather bag. If you want an easy-care lady's leather bag with all your dream features, you must discover the Su.B briefcases and handbags with a laptop compartment collection. 

Su.B laptop bags are a dutch design, made in Italy, which features a laptop compartment and luggage strap. They are ideal briefcases for work and daily use. We guarantee that you will choose an outstanding leather bag that is quality, durable, and functional and will enhance you in any situation.


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