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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions with our answers. Is your question not listed? Please e-mail us at

  1. Can I exchange my bag or get my money back if the size is not right?
    • ​​You can return the bag within 30 days of receipt. The costs of returning are to be paid by you.
    • You can ask for a replacement bag; we will pay the shipping costs of the new bag.
    • You can also request a refund; after we have received the bag and if it is in new condition, we will refund your purchase amount to your account within 30 days.​

      For more information please take a look at our Return Policy.
  2. Can I order the whole collection on
    In principle, every item in our collection can be purchased from our website. However, we can not guarantee that each model and each color will always be in stock. But you can always contact us if you have special requests.
  3. Can I buy Su.B bags at another websites or in other countries?
    Su.B bags are also sold on,,,,,,, and
  4. Is there a warranty on Su.B bags?
    Yes, there is a one (1) year limited warranty on every Su.B bag. For more informations about the warranty please take a look at the Warranty page.
  5. Which size of laptop bag should I buy?
    On the product page, you can find the details for the dimensions of the laptop bag and the compartment size. Please always measure your laptop first to help you find the right size of laptop bag.

    There are three sizes of laptop bags available; 13,3 inch, 15,6 inch and 17 inch. They are designed to fit the respectively sized laptops (screen diagonal) of most brands. For instance, if you have a 14 inch laptop, both 13,3 inch and 15,6 inch laptop bags should be able to accommodate your device. 

    Please remember to measure the actual size of your laptop and compare with the product details found on our website to help you make the right choice.
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